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Pot Basket without Handle

This Ti-a basket that is featured here is a Extra Large Pot Baskets with no handles. The Extra Large Pot is made in Bolgatanga region of Ghana by a details

Price: $35.00

This Ti-a Rectangle basket is both beautiful and practical for shopping and picnics. It has two strong leather handles and it makes for a great details

Price: $15.00

The Frafra people of Ghana originally hand wove these round bolga baskets as sieves for the brewing of pito – a traditional and popular details

Price: $22.50

Our hand-made, two-handled shopper basket gives you the convenience of carrying everything in a beautiful hand-made Ghana basket. You’ll also details
Wine Basket


Price: $25.00

This 2 bottle Wine Basket are carefully woven from Kinkanhe Grass, and finished with a leather wrapped handle made from goat skin. These Ti-a Wine details
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